Connecting Ukrainian
job seekers with employers

Our mission is to connect European employers and Ukrainian employees for the benefit of both

Rebuilding lives

On February 24, 2022 Russia started a full scale war against Ukraine. Peaceful cities and villages have been shelled and some of them completely wiped out off the face of the earth. The civilian infrastructure has been destroyed. Ukrainian people were forced to leave their homes and look for safety and security. According to the UNHCR since February 24, 2022 more than 5,7 million people has left Ukraine. People left their loved ones and their life behind. They need to build up a new life for them and their children and for that they need incomes.

Among the displaced Ukrainians are people of various professions, some of which are in high demand in Europe. The Netherlands is struggling with staff shortage for some period now. Professionals in ICT, engineering, construction and horeca are in high demand now. UARecruit has a mission to connect European employers and Ukrainian employees for the benefit of both.

Finding the right employee or company

UARecruit is being run by Ukrainians and Dutch and it’s not limited to the Dutch market. If you are Employer let us know what kind of employees you’re looking for by sending your request to

If you are a displaced Ukrainian and interested to find a job in the Netherlands, please contact us or send your CV to

UARecruit stands for transparency and compliance. We want only to connect people and organisations who offer legal jobs against fair payment. For Ukrainians we only bring you in contact with reliable organisations if you wish to work according to the Dutch and European work regulations.

Latest job listings

Service Coordinator solar parks

As a Service Coordinator in you take care of preventive maintenance and solve malfunctions. You conduct preventive inspections at our customers’ solar installations. You repair or replace defective solar panels and inverters and you solve technical data communication problems. What you do is neatly recorded in a report

Newspaper Сourier

We are looking for people who can deliver newspapers in all regions/provinces in the Netherlands. Flexible hours. No need to speak foreign languages.  

Technical Support Employee

As a Technical Support Employee you work within our operations department. You are responsible for optimally taking care of the returned returns and their handling / repair. You are looking for an inspiring work environment where you stand up for your own ideas with your driven personality. You are result-oriented, independent and have a problem-solving attitude.

About UARecruit

What we are

We are a recruitment organisation and we connect employers and professionals. After a successful match the employer is responsible for all supporting administration and payroll.

What we are not

We are not an employment agency (uitzendbureau). We don’t employ Ukrainians (except of our own employees) and we don’t second them to other organisations.

If you have any general questions, just drop us an e-mail.

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